Using Pinterest for Pharma

In April this year,  pinterest was found to be the third most-popular social network in the US, behind Facebook and Twitter, according to Experian Hitwise, and has become the fastest growing social media platform of all time.

As the pharmaceutical industry begins to take steps towards engaging with consumers on pinterest, we decided we would list some of the major pharmaceutical companies already using the site, and a guide to how to use pinterest for pharma.

So firstly, what is pinterest?  Pinterest is a social media network that allows users to share images that they find online, and link to the source where the image was found, allowing users to share a range of information such as links to useful articles, interesting infographics, and videos.

As pinterest is an image sharing site, it allows pharmaceutical companies to connect with users across the world, defying language barriers.

So how can pharma take advantage of pinterest?  Pinterest presents an additional opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to broadcast their content, and increase brand awareness.  Pinterest also allows users to re-pin posts, so pins can easily be shared between users.

Similar to other social networks, pinterest allows users to comment and ‘like’ images posted onto the site, allowing for potential communication between pharmaceutical organisations and consumers.

Some pharmaceutical companies have chosen to engage with users on themed boards, such as Novo Nordisk’s ‘World Diabetes Foundation’ board.  This allows consumers affected by or interested in the condition to follow the individual board and allows users searching for diabetes to find the company’s page.

Pinterest also allows you to create boards that multiple contributors can upload images to, allowing companies help involve active and influential users, or fellow employees to post on their boards, creating a community.

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