Visit from Ann Swain of APSCo on Friday 7th June

Clinical Professionals were delighted to welcome Ann Swain, CEO of APSCo, to their new Reading HQ on Friday 7th of June.

Clinical Professionals is Europe’s largest independent pharmaceutical staffing consultancy. Their membership of APSCo has not only been a fantastic support for their continued UK expansion but has supplied invaluable information and support in their work across Europe. APSCo do not just allow anyone to become a member, they wish for their members to prove that they comply to their high quality standards before they are accepted as members. At Clinical Professionals we pride ourselves at having qualified to their high standards.

Ann Swain was inspirational when talking to the Clinical Professionals team. She strengthened the staff’s understanding of APSCo, informing them of the extent of their impact of such companies and reminded them that APSCo are the only trade body dedicated to representing the interests of the UK Professional Staffing industry. She reinforced APSCo’s commitment to continuously raising the profile and quality of the industry, the interests of which they represent particularly in their continued impact on the UK Government and European legislators.

Clinical Professionals is known throughout its client base as a responsive, supportive and exceptionally knowledgeable provider of exceptional staff across the R&D recruitment space. APSCo’s commitment to supporting such recruitment companies as Clinical Professionals help us grow as an organisation and events like Friday’s remind us of who we can rely on for us to remain successful.

We continually strive to be the best within our field and our attendance at APSCo’s varied meetings from HR, Legal, Life Sciences and general Members meetings has been an invaluable resource in ensuring we always ensure the best possible service to both candidates and clients alike.

Yvette Cleland, Group Managing Director of Clinical professionals commented that “As Clinical Professionals has continued to expand, and has now achieved the status of Europe’s number one independent provider of staff within our sector, the continued support and professional relationship with APSCo has and will continue to be invaluable”.

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