With Brexit looming, are you in the best position in the Clinical Research sector?

2018 salary surveyLately it has been difficult to not hear, read or see anything Brexit related and it has been clear that it is an event that will undoubtedly alter every industry in the UK, including life sciences.

With headlines such as “Sanofi is stockpiling drugs to prepare for a no-deal Brexit” and “EMA cuts back as Brexit staff losses top expectations”, it comes as no surprise that life science professionals in the UK are scrutinising their own career in preparation for what the future may bring. Be it through pay reviews, promotions, career changes or even moving out of the UK entirely whatever the decision, it must be made on an informed and well thought out process.

Through the combination of survey results and our specialist knowledge of the industry, Clinical Professionals compiled a concise information report that can be utilised for career changes, business development and budget planning to name just a few.

As a result, the industry leading Life Science Salary Survey has already been posted to many thought leaders throughout the industry.

Clinical Professionals’ 2018 Life Science Salary collected and presented a vast range of interesting data with regards to the Clinical Research industry.

More specifically, it was found that on average, UK Salaries were fairly similar to last year, with 10 or more years of experience peaking at approximately £55-65k. Having said that, this year there was a notable increase in salary after 16 years of experience to £70-75k.

Interestingly, when looking at Clinical Research Associates (CRAs), it was found that within the UK, both salaries and sign-on bonus incentives have increased substantially to attract the best talent within the field. Furthermore, the survey analysed various countries within the EU with regards to how salaries and incentives vary between them. Within the Clinical Research sector, it was found that Switzerland is the highest paying country by far, whereas Spain and Italy have some of the lowest salaries in this sector.

The survey also examined the extent to which Clinical Research employees were satisfied with the salary they were currently on and found that 46% of respondents felt their salary accurately reflected their level of experience (52% in Europe). Interestingly, it was found that 76% of employees expected their salary to increase within the next 12 months (60% in Europe). Furthermore, the survey asked respondents how they rated their current employer and on average, respondents gave them a rating of 7 out of 10 (6.2 out of 10 in Europe).

“Salaries within Clinical Research have by and large remained fairly stable in recent years with CRA positions proving the exception to the rule. The fight to secure the best CRA talent saw CRO’s offering unprecedented salaries and bonuses. Within the last 12 months this trend has changed and companies are offering less extravagant packages.” George Danchie – Divisional Manager at Clinical Professionals Group

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