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Yvette Cleland discusses Reskilling and Upskilling with RIX

Clinical Professionals CEO, Yvette Cleland, recently met with Recruitment Innovation Exchange (RIX) to discuss reskilling and upskilling as an essential factor in the pharmaceutical recruitment sector in 2019.

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The RIX “The Experts” video series features RIX interviewing staffing industry leaders to gain insight from their perspectives on the latest industry trends, lessons they have learnt during their recruitment career and their own take on leadership.

The Experts: Yvette Cleland on Reskilling and Upskilling – bullhorn

During the interview, Yvette Cleland answered the question “What is Clinical Professionals doing to advance reskilling and upskilling?”:

“We offer a program called Physician to Pharma, it’s something we’ve been running for the last five years where we take highly skilled physicians coming out of healthcare that want to transition into the pharmaceutical biotech industry and we offer and facilitate them a brief training for a couple of days, but it just looks at competencies and how they can transition.

However, the area I’m most passionate about is when we find graduates, particularly in the UK, are not getting first to industry roles. So three years ago we spent 12 months designing and developing a program that would see us completely sponsor and to train life science graduates and then use our staffing wing to place them into first to industry roles. In the last three years, we have now fully funded, trained and placed in first to industry roles more than 100 graduates.

Now I think for a staffing business that is an exceptional thing to do. I think staffing in the next three to five years is going to go through its largest and probably most dynamic change. I think your point around how we will be able to automate everything is absolutely key to what’s going to happen as we move ahead. We have to find other areas where we are adding value to our client base, and where else could you add more value than by creating the skills that your client needs in order to grow?

I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved in that area and that we continue to achieve. Our biggest challenge around that is our client base viewing a staffing business and thinking, ‘Why are they doing this?’ We’re doing it because if we don’t, we think in three to five year’s time there will be such a shortage of skilled workers that where are our clients going to find them from? Because they most certainly are not investing in training any longer and they haven’t for the last 10 to 15 years in pharmaceuticals. They have outsourced everything. So we are now making the change that the industry needs in order to have its highly-skilled staff.”

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