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75% of all new vacancies in life sciences are located within the Golden Triangle

Traditionally the “Golden Triangle” within the UK was used to describe the area occupied by some of the most renowned universities within the country; Oxford Cambridge and London.

As the years have progressed and Cambridge and Oxford have expanded and developed alongside the country’s capital, the institutions typically considered members of the triangle have among the highest research incomes of all British universities and collaborate closely through initiatives such as the G5, Global Medical Cluster (GMEC), MedCity, and SES.

Which has led the term to now referring to the number of businesses and organisations within the area along with the universities, as it has become one of the biggest “hubs” within the industry.

Some prominent members of the life science industry located within that area include:

      • Adaptimmune
      • Ipsen
      • Amgen
      • Takeda
      • Merck
      • Chugai

    • Gilead
    • GSK
    • Cancer Research UK (CRUK)
    • PPD
    • GW Pharmaceuticals
    • Kymab

As the Golden Triangle’s continues to grow and develop, we have seen rapid changes within the number of vacancies for this area for many of our clients.

The Clinical Professionals Group has a variety of services we can provide related to the Golden Triangle Area, from jobs at top 10 industry leading clients, to a wide pool of clients located within commutable distance with essential skill sets relevant to a wide range of sectors and at every level of seniority.

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The Clinical Professionals Group release an Industry Analytics Report covering vacancy data within the Golden Triangle.

Yvette Cleland, Clinical Professionals Group CEO, wrote the foreword and commented on some of the findings:

Seventy five percent of all vacancies in life sciences are clustered within the “Golden Triangle” of London, Oxford and Cambridge. To demonstrate the dominance of this area in the UK, particularly for our flourishing biotech industry, vacancies within this geography have continued to grow to the tune of 17% year on year.

To context this; in the last three years the UK biotech industry has grown by 65% and continues to experience unprecedented growth through investment. This has gone on to support a plethora of starts- ups who are focused on tackling some of the globes most pressing healthcare challenges. Analysis of Companies House data shows 3,456 Biotech’s were involved in R&D in 2019, a significant rise from 2,095 in Q1 2016.

Within the “Golden Triangle” London reigned supreme with 840 biotech’s based in the capital at the beginning of 2019, showing the fastest growth as biotech’s in the capital more than doubled since 2016. Cambridge came in at second place with 258 biotech’s in Q1 2019 but showing continued growth. Oxford however has shown a 95% increase in biotech’s since 2016 and places itself very firmly on the Biotech map.

On the back drop of all of this investment, as expected open jobs vacancies continue to rise. Anecdotally line managers are making the assumption that the political environment is causing issues around “talent attraction” and this is making jobs take longer to fill. The question here then has to be, if jobs are now harder to fill because talent is scarce, why are “talent and HR” teams unresponsive to candidates applying for roles directly or indirectly?

You can view the full report by clicking here.