There are many places for job vacancies to be advertised online, and as such it has become easier and easier to apply for multiple jobs. However, sending the same CV off to multiple job postings could result in minimal returns due to the potentially vague appearance of your application.

Its important to remember this when applying for a role with your CV:

A job posting is company or individual looking to solve a problem, and your CV needs to be the solution to it.

In other words, if a role requires experience and skills in particular areas, tailor your CV to strongly show examples of how you have successfully tackled these areas. This allows those reviewing your application for the position to easily identify your relevance for the role, as well as providing you with the job’s mindset and therefore a much more suitable approach upon interview.

Similar job specifications could have a similar CV submitted to it, but always try to make your entire application personal to the company you are applying to.

If you have the opportunity to write a cover letter, then do so, as this allows you to directly convey your relevance for the job specification. When writing a cover letter, try to show your enthusiasm for the role and company whilst also being direct enough for the reviewer to quickly read through. Also adding 2 examples of relevant experiences here can help break up the information and direct the reviewer to your points most valid for the position.

Doing this for each application will help you to stand out more against those that will have blanketed their CV across multiple jobs, and allow you to develop the right way to convey your relevance to an employer.



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