In any interview you will be judged both on technical skills and competency for the role, as well as soft skills and team fit. The idea behind this preparation and guidelines document is to best equip you to enter the interview in the right mind-frame and be as fully prepared for every eventuality as possible – therefore giving you the best chance for a 2nd interview or job offer!



  • Research the company you are going to interview at, including their values, main products or client base, competitors, press releases or news articles, etc., and ideally the interviewer(s) (look them up on LinkedIn)
  • Print a copy of the job description
  • Print a copy of your CV
  • Print a copy of the interview confirmation confirming address, phone number and who to ask for, as well as who will be running the interview.
  • Plan your outfit and hang it up the day before – if it needs dry cleaning then make sure you get this done. Ensure your shoes are polished and men have a tie if you are wearing a shirt. First impressions do count!
  • Questions for the interviewer(s) – prepare at least 9 – 3 based on the company, 3 based on the role and 3 based on them.
  • Review the competency guidelines below and have examples of the main ones ready to give at interview – specific and measurable and relevant to you.
  • Ideally you should do a test run of the journey so you know exactly where you are going – especially as often SatNav does not take you directly to their doorstep. Have a map and directions printed as well for all eventualities!
  • Aim to arrive 10-15 minutes early. If it is a particularly long journey consider leaving much earlier and have a relaxing coffee at the end of your journey, or stay overnight beforehand locally.
  • If you are running late call the number on the interview confirmation to let the company know directly. If you have used a recruitment agency and cannot get through to the company you applied for, ring your consultant and they can let the company know.
  • Ensure you have tickets and passport if you are making an international journey or if you are driving, make sure that you have enough petrol in your car.
  • Remember to switch off your mobile phone during the interview.



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