View advice on how to stay motivated during your pharmaceutical job search.

How do you keep motivated during your job search? It’s often hard for job seekers to stay motivated. This video will outline suggestions on how to remain motivated during your pharmaceutical job search.

Schedule/Plan Your Day With Specific Goals
Create a schedule with daily and weekly targets. When defining targets, make sure they are realistic, as too low targets will prolong your search, and too high targets will leave you feeling demotivated.

Vary your job search so you are doing different things throughout the day, making it less repetitive.

Once you have completed a task, cross it off. This will help you feel positive, reinforcing that you have completed it and achieved something.

Be Realistic
Don’t apply for any job. Instead, apply for jobs you believe you would be able to do, and are at the right level of seniority. For example, if you are a Clinical Research Associate with 2 years experience, you shouldn’t apply for a Clinical Director role requiring extensive clinical experience.

However, if you believe that the job would be a natural career progression for you, make sure you apply for the role.

Have Regular Breaks
Make sure you include regular breaks when searching for your next pharmaceutical job. This helps take your mind off your job search for a while, so when you come back to your job search later, you can approach it with a fresh prospective.

Exercise is also important as it increases your endorphin levels, which help boost your mood and stimulate your brain activity.

Create a Support Network
Meet up with friends and family. This will help keep you motivated, and could provide you with connections to find your next job!

However, make sure that the people you meet up with are offering support, as spending time with negative people will leave you feeling demotivated.

Reward Yourself
Reward yourself for reaching goals. For example, if you get invited to an interview, celebrate. Rewards don’t have to involve spending money. It can be something as simple as seeing a friend, or going for a walk.

Decide how you are going to reward yourself when you get a job. Having a reward in your mind for when you get a job can help serve as excellent motivation.



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