WIP – Work in progress, used to keep track of the status of jobs being looked after by the recruitment consultants, as well as allowing for more cross business transparency of company’s being worked with.

Competencies – A series of metrics and grades that showcase an individual’s strengths and areas for improvements according to a guideline.

Candidate – Someone being recruited into a new job or role by the recruitment company.

PDP – Personal development plan, used to help track an employee’s development and progress within the business on a long term scale. Usually utilised on a quarterly or bi yearly basis.

JD / Job description – The job description is what is seen by the candidates on job boards, business networking sites or the company’s own website.

Job posting – Publishing or a published job on a job board, business networking site or company’s own website.

CV Database – An external paid database that is used to pro-actively search for new candidates for a role, or by resources to add to the company’s own database.

Screening – The first stage of direct contact with a candidate (usually done by a phone interview), whereby their information is put against a screening sheet of data entry.

Client – A company as listed on the internal database.

Contact – Someone who works for a client/company on the internal database.

Contractor – Employee who works when required as set to a specified contract with an employer, usually for a set amount of time (i.e. 12 months)

Perm / Permanent – A permanent position with no contractual set end date.

FreelancerSelf employed worker

FSP – Functional Service Provision

Fee or Placement fee – The fee associated with placing a candidate into a job as part of the recruitment costs. Usually calculated as a percentage of the salary of the placement.

RPO – Recruitment Process Outsourcing

ResourcerSupports the recruitment consultant with tasks including sourcing candidates and roles

Recruitment ConsultantPlaces candidates into roles within their industry/sector.

KPI – Key Performance indicators, used to measure activity and progress within a role.

Placement – A candidate that has been successfully accepted and placed into a role.

CMS – Content Management system, typically refers to a complex database used by the consultants to log work and track candidates, jobs and communication.

Competency based interviewAn interview style that assesses a candidate’s abilities and skills based on their responses to particular questions.

CV / Résumé / Curriculum vitae – A candidate’s documented representation of their skills, experience and job offering.

Job Board – An external website for posting jobs the business is recruiting for.



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