Why the Recruitment Industry?

The United Kingdom is the oldest staffing market in Europe and the largest market in terms of size (by sales). It is highly fragmented with some 15,000+ firms.  This offers opportunity for a competitive recruitment industry full of innovation and ahead of the curve, and a robust market with a diverse range of clients and sectors.

Key headline figures include:

  • The staffing industry generated USD 428 billion in revenue worldwide in 2016 (EUR 386 billion), with the US, Japan and the UK making up majority of the revenue.
  • 89% of revenue was generated via temporary staffing, with the remaining 11% stemming from place & search.
  • Value to UK economy is £35.1 billion (2015/2016).
  • Recruiters helped almost a million people in the UK find a new permanent job in 2016/17 and on any given day are responsible for 1.3 million agency workers in the UK labour market, says new data from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC).
  • More than 103,000 people now work in the recruitment industry.
  • Average annual sales per consultant working in permanent recruitment were £96,000 (12 placements)
  • The UK is third-largest economy in Europe after Germany and France, and the seventh-largest in the world.
  • REC’s Recruitment industry trends report also includes a forecast for above GDP growth for the industry over the next three years: 3.8 per cent in 2017/18, 3.6 per cent in 2018/19 and 2.7 per cent in 2019/20.

Why Recruitment as a Career?

Recruitment as a career offers a robust and dynamic industry that is continually growing and developing.  You don’t need any specific qualification to get into recruitment, just a positive attitude, competitive spirit and drive and urgency.  Once you have experience in the core processes you can work across any sector, learning your market as you go.  There are also opportunities globally, not just with Clinical Professionals, so it’s a good way to experience different countries and cultures with a business.  The main reason why a lot of people enjoy recruitment is that is a fast-paced and challenging working environment that keeps you on your toes, develops your skills around negotiation, persuasiveness and assertiveness and offers a whole range of great rewards,  These rewards include bonus or commission, and once established in a market these can be highly lucrative, but most companies also have great incentive schemes such as trips in the UK or abroad, dining experiences, team days out and team-building events, days off, games days with prizes, and more.

Recruitment can have a fairly high level of attrition as an industry.  This is not because the role and career potential for entry level recruiters is limited, or that great training, development and career progression isn’t on offer in most reputable organisations. The fact is recruitment is quite simply not for everyone, and you don’t know until you try!

Clinical Professionals is proud to have lower levels of turnover by industry standards, as we are highly selective regarding who we bring into our teams, and also work hard with every individual on their personal and professional goals to ensure the transition into our business is as positive as can be.  We also offer great training and development and fantastic career paths which always motivate those ambitious and courageous souls!


Why be a Recruitment Consultant or Resourcer at Clinical Professionals?

Clinical Professionals is Europe’s leading independent Pharma recruiter and now has offices in the UK (Reading HQ and London), Germany and the US (Boston) with further expansion planned over 2018 and beyond.  As part of our parent company CPL Resources plc, we also have access to offices in Ireland and across Europe, as well as investment into our growth plans and internal systems, etc., whilst remaining relatively independent and focussed on our own goals.  Our mission is to be the global partner of choice for life science staffing solutions. Trusted, knowledgeable and quality focused.  Our core values, which we inject into everything we do internally and externally, are:

Quality | Innovation | Courage 

Clinical Professionals is a staffing business that works only in the niche Life Sciences sector.  This has allowed our Consultants to become subject matter experts in each functional area they focus on.  Life Sciences and pharmaceutical recruitment is an exceptionally sought after area of staffing to specialise in.  It is both incredibly interesting, but also buoyant and continually developing and growing.  In the last economic downturn the Clinical Professionals Group continued to grow, unlike other core sectors of the recruitment industry such as IT, finance, and legal.  The Life Sciences sector tends to be less exposed during times of economic challenges due to the life cycle of drug development.  All in all it is one of the most robust and fulfilling sectors of recruitment with a fantastic array of very passionate and committed clients and candidates to work with.

Clinical Professionals has gone through a sustained period of consistent year-on-year growth since our inception in 2006; this includes growth in staff numbers as well as sales and turnover.  We have a detailed internal recruitment process to allow you to look at “us” and see if we as a team and organisation can support you in your career, financial goals and personal aspirations. We then take a good look at “you” and if we see some exceptional skills and traits and feel you will find career fulfilment in recruitment with us, we will offer you a superb role in one of our specialist teams.  We will always give you honest feedback from all interviews.

What Would be Expected of You at Clinical Professionals?

When you start at Clinical Professionals you will be given a 3 month ‘logbook’ no matter your level, which details expectations as you start.  This ensures we have in place the building blocks to support your initial induction, training and support.  You will have weekly reviews with your line manager and feedback, so any training issues can be caught quickly and further development given.  You will progress gradually over the first 3 months to be fully self-sufficient and confident in your role and abilities.

We ask everyone to consider these questions before coming to interview with Clinical Professionals:

Am I tenacious, focused and willing to work long hours for great financial and career/personal rewards?

Can I work from 8am until 6PM each day with energy, vigour and working to achieve goals?

Am I comfortable speaking to people I don’t know and developing relationships?

Am I a true team player and can I work well in a busy and fun-filled office?

How will I deal with rejection and challenging days?

Do I want great success and career progression?

We expect every individual team member to be full of humour, innovation and drive, as well as to be target oriented and courageous in pursuit of their goals.  In return for this we offer graduates and experienced recruitment consultants what we believe is the best sector of the UK staffing industry to recruit within, a winning team and company who promotes from within based on meritocracy, personal contribution and pride in achievements. Clinical Professionals is a great place to work for the right people. If you are the right person, we would love to work with you.

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